Comic Disclosure with Corey Goode

Comic Disclosure is a unique line of graphic novel media accurately depicting and disseminating the testimony of modern era super heroes, aka whistleblowers.

Sphere Being Alliance – Return of the Guardians is a riveting edge of your seat intelligent saga that challenges the very consensus of modern day reality. Join the alliance in an epic journey of self-discovery to a truth stranger than fiction, whether you can believe it not.


At age six I was identified as a potential match for MILAB programs through standardized testing in public schools. I was taken on “Special Trips” to Carswell AFB to begin training as an IE (Intuitive Empath).

SSP (Secret Space Program)

At the age of 17 I had completed training and was inducted into the Secret Space Program, and later into a select branch of the SSP, “Solar Warden”. I served what is called a “20 and Back” tour on the electro-gravitic torsion drive research vessel “the Arnold Sommerfeld” and also as an IE within the “Intruder Intercept and Interrogate” program. I had access to a “Glass Pad” database with information as to the truth of reality on earth and elsewhere.


After my service in the SSP, I briefly worked for the Federal Reserve where I was introduced to members of the “Order of the Black Sun”. It was there I began to see and understand the vast network of control executed through the “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System” and the global criminal syndicates that make up what many term as the Illuminati or Cabal.


Earth and humanity at large have been under a control matrix of elite bloodlines, criminal syndicates, and negative beings for centuries. The “Draco” are at the top of this pyramid and have influenced many political and religious groups through means of bribery, black mail, and soul corruption.

Ancient Break Away Civilizations

I suffered severe PTSD from the forced trauma based training programs and my service in the SSP. I was contacted by a group from the Mayan breakaway civilization that helped me resolve and compartmentalize this trauma by using advanced healing technology in tandem with my own spiritual work.


I was then contacted by a group of 6th density E.T.’s seeking to assist humanity in raising our collective vibration and consciousness called the “Blue Avians”. They have formed the “Sphere Being Alliance” that includes other high-density beings and have asked me to serve as messenger and delegate to this alliance.

Life On Mars

As a part of my role as delegate for the SBA and the SSP I was asked to be included in an inspection of an ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) facility on Mars. During the inspection it became evident that the facility relied on a human slave labor force to produce advanced technology used in trade with over 900 different ET civilizations.

Inner Earth

As the SBA delegate I was asked to take part in a meeting with the Anshar: a higher density group who live deep underground in enormous caverns whom hail as the original human beings on earth. It is here in the Inner Earth that many civilizations have built cities for centuries.


I was taken to Antarctica where I witnessed large bases housing the members of the Cabal along with large ancient ruins embedded in the ice. I learned later that these were ancient ruins belonging to the Pre-Adamites, a group of genetic farmer ET’s that came to earth 50-65k years ago. They landed in Antarctica and ruled the world until they suffered a catastrophe and lost their great cities of Atlantis.

Nelson Mandela
Dies July 23, 1991

Nelson Mandela
becomes President
of South Africa 1994

Mandela Effect (Time Lines & Co-Creative Consciousness)

In a recent meeting with the Blue Avians I asked about the “Mandela Effect” and why thousands of people are reporting this phenomenon? I was shown that we are currently experiencing a merging of alternate dimensional timelines, and that it is of great importance for humanity to use the power of our Co-Creative consciousness to navigate collectively to our “most optimal timeline”.

(CME, Solar Sneeze)

I have been informed we may experience a large burst of energy from our sun over the coming years that may radically upgrade our DNA on earth. It is of great importance for all of humanity to work diligently at creating a positive polarity Co-creative consciousness. An effective way of doing this is to lead a “service to others” lifestyle as opposed to “service to self” and focus on becoming more loving and focus on learning to forgive yourself and others.

We are the Ones
We have been waiting for